The Rise of the
Data Center

With the proliferation of Internet-connected devices and the growth in demand for content, the data center is becoming more important than ever before.

Building a Hybrid
Cloud Strategy

A hybrid cloud strategy is increasingly the answer for organizations wanting to maintain control through a private cloud while also capitalizing on the agility and scalability of public clouds.

Top Priorities for
State CIOs

State CIOs face similar challenges and concerns as their peers in the private sector. The annual National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) survey, identified for the third consecutive year “security and risk management” as the top priority.

2016 Cyber Security
Trends to Watch

Cyber security a top priority that extends beyond IT to Boards of Directors and top executives who understand that protection and planning for cyber threats is integral to their success. Two recent studies highlight the cyber security threat landscape for 2016.


Make Your Network Your Competitive Differentiator

Q: Why is the Company making these changes? How will these changes impact the corporate structure?

Over the past 18 months, Electric Lightwave has built a strong brand presence in its targeted fiber-focused markets and we see significant, additional opportunities in these markets. As a result, we are further streamlining investments in an effort to grow our fiber business.  Additionally, given that Electric Lightwave now makes up the majority of our revenue and growth opportunities, it will now operate as a stand-alone business and we will change our corporate name to Electric Lightwave to best reflect the Company’s vision and focus.  Integra will operate as a separate business as part of the Electric Lightwave company umbrella.  Integra will have dedicated resources, dedicated leadership and stand-alone financial reporting.


Q: Is this a new focus for the Company?

This is a key step in the Company’s vision in becoming the leading fiber-networking provider serving enterprise customers, wholesale carriers, web content providers, government organizations and education institutions. This is not a new focus, but rather a natural progression as the Company’s fiber-enabled services have become the primary growth engine with regard to both revenue and customer demand. By sharpening our focus, the Company can better expand its fiber network and invest in its fiber infrastructure while delivering the most robust fiber network services to its customers.


Q: How will Electric Lightwave customers be impacted by these changes?

In the short-term, existing Electric Lightwave customers will not be impacted. Longer-term, they can expect to gain access to more diverse routes and enterprise-grade network solutions and services that enable them to be even more competitive as they foster and grow their businesses.


Q: Is Integra a separate company?

The separation creates dedicated personnel, customers and infrastructure for each of Electric Lightwave and Integra, and each business will separately report operating and financial metrics going forward.  The parent corporate entity which owns both Electric Lightwave and Integra operating entities will be renamed Electric Lightwave.


Q: What is happening to Integra?

Integra will maintain competitive and incumbent operations in Minnesota, North Dakota and Colorado, as well as serve small business customers throughout all markets. Integra will be led by Brady Adams, senior vice president and general manager, Integra and who previously served as CEO of opticAccess (acquired in October 2015).  Day-to-day operations at Integra will be conducted by these dedicated personnel and Integra will leverage certain centralized corporate functions (e.g., finance / accounting, legal, HR, technology) at Electric Lightwave through intercompany services arrangements.


Q: How will Integra customers be impacted by these changes?

Existing customers of traditional services will benefit from ongoing account support and help planning for their future business needs.


Q: How are existing customers being contacted?

Electric Lightwave and Integra customers will be notified of any changes, and we will continue to answer questions and work with each customer to meet their needs.


Q: How will partners be impacted by these changes?

Electric Lightwave intends to extend and grow with the partner community that has made Electric Lightwave and its network infrastructure so successful.


Q: Have the websites changed?

Our company website is now www.electriclightwave.com

The www.integratelecom.com site will remain available for Integra customers. Navigation and redirects between the two sites will cross-over as necessary.


Q: Will this structure impact the executive management team?

Marc Willency remains the CEO of the Company, now known as Electric Lightwave. The following executive management team now works for Electric Lightwave:

  • Marc Willency, chief executive officer
  • Jesse Selnick, chief financial officer
  • Dan Stoll, president
  • Mike Sharpe, executive vice president, operations
  • Brady Adams, senior vice president, general manager, Integra
  • Karen Clauson, senior vice president, general counsel
  • Steve Fisher, senior vice president, chief technology officer
  • Felicity O’Herron, senior vice president of human resources


Q: How does this structure impact the Board of Directors?

With the goal to further streamline our investments to grow our fiber business, Bob Guth has been named Executive Chairman of the Company. Mr. Guth joined the Company’s board of directors in 2009 and served as Interim President and CEO of Integra.  Bob’s addition to the Board is incredibly valuable for us as he understands our goals very well.  Mr. Guth was instrumental in architecting the go-to-market strategies which accelerated the growth of Electric Lightwave and enabled it to build the scale to operate as a stand-alone business.


Electric Lightwave’s Board of Directors is as follows:

  • Bob Guth, Executive Chairman
  • Paul Sunu, Vice Chairman, CEO, FairPoint Communications
  • Marc Willency, CEO, Electric Lightwave
  • Jesse Selnick, CFO, Electric Lightwave
  • Timothy Austin, Principal, Searchlight Capital Partners
  • Andrew Frey, Partner, Searchlight Capital Partners
  • Doug Hutcheson, CEO and Director, Laser, Inc.
  • Michael Leitner, Managing Partner, Tennenbaum Capital Partners (TCP)
  • Jon Hugo, Senior Associate, Tennenbaum Capital Partners

Q: What customers do you serve? 

The Company has evolved from primarily a small business solutions provider to a trusted enterprise-class network and services provider. Today, Electric Lightwave delivers highly reliable, fiber-based services to more than 5,400 enterprise customers, wholesale carriers, web content providers, government organizations and education institutions.


Q: What is the percentage of revenue by segment?

Electric Lightwave (Fiber services for large enterprise/government/carrier) – 66%

Integra (traditional services) – 34%


Q: What differentiates you from your competition?

There are three keys to our unique position in the market: 1) our fiber assets, 2) our diverse long haul network routes and 3) our customer-first, go-to-market approach (meaning, feet on the street in your local markets). Electric Lightwave’s reliable, secure network backbone provides the critical connectivity and infrastructure required by the largest content providers, wireless carriers, government agencies and enterprise organizations in the western region. Our diverse network routes offer customers fast data transport, resiliency, redundancy and choice among the competition. The inherent benefits of our network give us a unique position from which we can provide outstanding services, solutions and support for our customers.


Q: Is Electric Lightwave positioning itself for sale?

We have been and will continue to manage the business for growth, not for sale, as evidenced by the significant amount of capital we continue to spend on new network builds, acquisitions, and core infrastructure.  That said, we all choose to work in a sector that has undergone continual consolidation and disruption since the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and we will always be mindful of our place in that ongoing industry discussion.




Q: How would you describe the Company today?

Electric Lightwave is the largest regional fiber-based network services provider in the western U.S. The company provides critical data networking, unified communications, cloud and security services to more than 5,400 enterprise customers, wholesale carriers, web content providers, government organizations and education institutions. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Electric Lightwave’s fiber optic network includes more than 8,000 miles of long haul fiber, 4,000 miles of metro fiber, connections to more than 3,000 commercial buildings, 125 cellular towers and 100 data centers  with high bandwidth access with up to 200 Gbps connections – across 23 fiber markets in 11 states.