A.3.4.1 CALNET 3 CMO Escalation Process

The Electric Lightwave CMO Escalation Process will be centered on the dedicated team Electric Lightwave has in Sacramento to support the CALNET 3 contract. The Electric Lightwave Program Manager will be the primary contact for all Contract issues, service failures or specific Customer issues within Electric Lightwave.

The Electric Lightwave CALNET Program Manager and the escalation support individuals are listed below with their contact information. The Electric Lightwave CALNET Program Manager will be available 24×365 to resolve all escalation issues through the listed cell number or e-mail address. If for any reason the Electric Lightwave CALNET Program Manager can not be immediately contacted then the 2nd Level Contact should be called.




Electric Lightwave CALNET Program Manager
Richard Hawkins
Director, Sales Program Manager
Email Richard Hawkins


Electric Lightwave CALNET Sales Manager
Brian May
Manager, Sales Government & Education
Email Brian May


Dan Stoll
President, Electric Lightwave
Email Dan Stoll

The Electric Lightwave contact information will remain posted on the Private Oversight Website as required by A.9.2 through the term of the CALNET 3 Contract. Electric Lightwave will keep the posted Escalation contact information current throughout the Contract Term.