Electric Lightwave’s MailGuard


Today’s email-based attacks are constantly evolving and have become highly targeted. Email spam disrupts operations and interfere with employee productivity. Safeguard your corporate email from malicious threats with Electric Lightwave’s Email Security solution, MailGuard. We provide effective anti-spam email protection for corporate email servers without an expensive investment for software licenses or additional IT support.


Preventative Blocking

Our solution identifies malicious emails based on the reputation of the sender’s address so that more than 80% of spam is blocked before it reaches your network.

User Applied Filters

Block and quarantine large volumes of emails sent within a short period of time by applying filters based on sender or subject.

Lower Overhead

MailGuard is easy to implement and provides automated administration that saves resources and the overall costs of managing email security.

Effective Defense

Our MailGuard anti-spam engine provides highly effective email protection with a 99% accuracy rate for identifying and blocking malicious emails.

Multi-Layered Defense

Stop spam from reaching your inbox with a multi-layered defense that includes outer layer filtering based on the reputation of the sender and inner layer filtering that analyzes the message.

Dynamic Updates

MailGuard provides real-time protection with daily automatic updates to anti-spam, and outbreak filter engines.

Comprehensive Protection

Protect your email servers with a complete solution that blocks disruptive email threats, ranging from malware, links to malicious sites, and spam.

“Electric Lightwave provided us the solution we needed: a network we could rely on.”

– Rod Adams, IT Director, EmpRes Healthcare


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