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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are constantly evolving and becoming more frequent; disrupting business, negatively impacting revenue and damaging your company’s reputation. Every company with an online presence is at risk.

Defend against high-volume DDoS attacks with Electric Lightwave’s DDoS Mitigation Service, a cloud-based network solution that offers superior protection when compared with on-premise DDoS solutions. Our DDoS Mitigation Service filters malicious traffic at our network perimeter during an attack and delivers clean traffic to you to minimize impact on your Internet bandwidth. Our service includes:

  • Baseline analysis for 2 weeks to establish patterns of normal traffic
  • State-of-the-art DDoS monitoring system sending you email alerts when we detect potentially malicious traffic
  • Traffic cleaning when you are under attack

Plus, you have 24 x 7 access to our cyber security experts for greater visibility to evolving threats and up-to-date defenses.


Improve Network Availability

Only legitimate traffic reaches your business’s network. Our cloud-based services help defend against DDoS attacks, keeping you online and operating smoothly.

Single Vendor

Electric Lightwave is your single source not only for security solutions, but for all of your communications and networking needs, which can greatly simplify your day-to-day operations.

Scalable and Flexible

Whether you’re experiencing on-going attacks, or preparing for one in the future, we offer a range of plans to ensure you have the protection that fits your needs.

Industry-Leading Protection

We partner with Arbor Networks, an industry-leader for DDoS-attack protection. Arbor Networks uses sophisticated behavioral anomaly detection to identify and mitigate threats in real-time.

Comprehensive Detection

Our DDoS defense mechanisms focus on misuse detection to identify attacks leveraging protocol weaknesses, profiled anomalies to identify activity outside the norm, and fingerprint anomalies to identify traffic patterns of known attacks.

Security Expertise

Protect your online services with our robust network architecture bolstered by Arbor Networks’ industry-leading DDoS infrastructure and 24 x 7 support from Electric Lightwave’s team of cyber security experts.

Effective Mitigation

Our cloud-based DDoS Mitigation Service is a superior defense over on-premise solutions because malicious traffic is filtered at our network’s perimeter, minimizing impact to your Internet bandwidth.

Lewis & Clark Case Study | Electric Lightwave

“I consider my Electric Lightwave account team to be consultants. Electric Lightwave really is a partner, not just a vendor.”

– Chris Stevens, IT Director, Lewis & Clark College


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