Expert Security Management for Your Network


Protecting your network and intellectual properties from cyber security threats is critical to your business and requires focused expertise but that’s often a challenge when in-house resources are limited. You can fill these resource gaps by leveraging our Security Operations Center (SOC) experts as an extension of your team by combining Electric Lightwave’s Network Security Suite with our Dedicated Internet Access or VPN Solutions with Internet.

Electric Lightwave’s Network Security Suite was built to effortlessly integrate our best-in-class suite of security solutions with proactive monitoring focused on protecting your network. Our suite includes:

From installation, to proactive monitoring, consultations on firewall configurations, active management during a DDoS attack and annual reviews of your security posture, you will experience a high-touch service from our SOC team.  Protect your network and access to cloud services and applications with a full-service, cost-effective solution that’s easy to implement and manage.


Secure Network

Maintain network security and protect your intellectual property while supporting access to cloud-based applications and services.

High-Touch Expertise

Our security experts work as an extension of your team, focused on monitoring and maintaining your network security.

Easy to Manage

Leverage our resources to implement, maintain and monitor your network security and simplify your management efforts.


Save by choosing the Network Security Suite with our Dedicated Internet Access and/or VPN Solutions.

Cloud Firewall Service

Guard your network perimeter while providing inbound and outbound Internet access through a secure gateway.

DDoS Mitigation Service

Defend against high-volume Distributed Denial (DDoS) attacks with our cloud-based network solution that filters malicious traffic at our network perimeter.

Proactive Security Monitoring

Protect your network with proactive monitoring by security experts in Electric Lightwave’s Security Operations Center (SOC) working as an extension of your team.

“Electric Lightwave has been a foundation part of our growth for nearly two decades – they are a partner committed to our success.”

– Kelly Grant, MIS Director, EC Company


Make Your Network Your Competitive Differentiator