Business Security Assessment and Vulnerability Management


Cybercrimes are disruptive and costly to enterprises. Each incident can damage your reputation; expose you to liabilities or fines and penalties, lead to a loss of sensitive data and eventually a loss of clients. Electric Lightwave’s Security Pro Services protects your business against cybercrime and provides enterprise data protection.

Through a partnership with RiskSense, an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance firm, our team of experts can help you with security compliance management and assess your level of vulnerability and exposure to attacks. Then based on our findings, we recommend a proven, customized and cost-effective course of action to reduce your vulnerability and/or improve compliance.


RiskSense® Platform

Focus on security preparedness with RiskSense, our SaaS platform to provide “pre-incident” vulnerability assessment and identification.

Cost-Effective Prevention

Network breaches do more than erode your customer’s trust; they cost you money. Yet, for just a fraction of the cost of a breach, we can safeguard your business against a wide array of attacks.

Protect Sensitive Data

We stay up-to-date on state privacy laws and regulatory security standards including the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SCC), so you can focus on running your business.

Defensive Approach

A well designed and maintained IT security program protects your business and creates a hardened, front line defense.

Trusted Advisor

You can rely on Electric Lightwave to identify issues and create a plan to stay ahead of cyber criminals seeking to compromise your security.

Breach Prevention

Protect your network and prevent breaches before they happen.

Proven Expertise

Our IT security consulting partner, RiskSense, is a leader in compliance programs. Together, we can help mitigate increasingly sophisticated attacks, while meeting industry requirements and government mandates.

Consultant Led Services

Security Pro Services offer a comprehensive set of consultant led professional services, including: Application Security, Compliance Solutions, Security Assessment, Prevention Testing and Forensics and Incident Response.

Compliance Solutions

Leverage the power of the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) to prepare and pass a 3rd party audit or track your compliance to more than 400 standards (NIST, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.).

“We don’t see Electric Lightwave as providing a service; we see them as a partner.”

– Rod Adams, IT Director, EmpRes Healthcare


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