Take Control of Your Network Infrastructure


Tap into Electric Lightwave’s Dark Fiber to meet growing network capacity demands and maintain complete control of your network.

Our high capacity Dark Fiber provides you with a cost effective solution for virtually unlimited bandwidth that you can deploy quickly to meet your unique business requirements.

When every microsecond counts, you can trust the network experts at Electric Lightwave to deliver a dedicated, fully customized, and rapidly scalable network infrastructure.


Security at Every Level

Security should never be an afterthought. Hardened security protocols are woven into every layer of our network infrastructure, so there’s never a trade-off between performance and the integrity of your network.

More Control

With Dark Fiber, you control the design, capacity, optical electronics and protocols of your own dedicated infrastructure, which runs over a physically secure, private optical fiber network.

Optimized Cost Structure

Grow your network without hurting your bottom line. You get a reliable, high performance network with competitive pricing which results in a predictable and stable cost structure.

Diverse Fiber Network

Electric Lightwave owns and manages one of the most extensive metro and long haul fiber networks in the West, providing unique route options with exceptional performance, reliability and redundancy.

Rapid Installation

Save time to market, take total control of your network and quickly deploy virtually unlimited bandwidth with Dark Fiber connectivity.

High Capacity Transport

Support up to 400 GB of transport over a single fiber strand, offering virtually unlimited capacity for even the most bandwidth intensive applications.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Leverage existing Electric Lightwave fiber assets to reduce network turn-up time and capture efficiencies or take advantage of bundles, lease and Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) opportunities.

“Partnering with Electric Lightwave was a natural choice because they own and operate one of the most extensive and diverse fiber networks in the region.”

– Clint Heiden, Chief Commercial Officer, EdgeConneX

Make Your Network Your Competitive Differentiator