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Internet connectivity can make or break business today. Your employees depend on high-speed access and your customers expect it. Electric Lightwave’s owned fiber-optic backbone was built to offer you a consistent, reliable dedicated Internet service backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing uptime, latency and packet delivery.  We carefully monitor capacity-to-utilization for optimal bandwidth availability to prevent congestion and ensure service is consistently available.

Our extensive and diverse network delivers built-in resiliency with redundant routers at our network core and edge along with our geographically-distributed peering to numerous other backbone providers. This in turn, provides you with, direct, low latency links to many of the largest Internet content providers with the fewest network hops possible.


Easy to Scale

Quickly increase capacity or add new services seamlessly based on your needs with our flexible capabilities.

Managed for Peak Performance

We manage our bandwidth utilization below 50% at all times to prevent congestion and provide exceptional service.

Prepare for Unpredictable Demands

Choose our 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps Usage Based Internet Service for dedicated service with flexible bandwidth in reserve to meet unexpected spikes.

Engineered for Resiliency

Our network features redundant and diverse routing with dual routers in our core and edge network for maximum uptime.

Reliable, Secure Infrastructure

Electric Lightwave’s extensive diverse network offers a reliable secure infrastructure that’s designed to ensure an exceptionally consistent business Internet service.

Safeguard Your Internet Service

Provide additional protection for a wide range of evolving online threats with Electric Lightwave Cyber Security Services Solutions.

Flexible Bandwidth Options

We offer a range of service options including flat-rate dedicated bandwidth options from
3 Mbps to 10 Gbps and usage-based billing options from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps for
enhanced service flexibility.

Guaranteed Reliability

Ensure fast, reliable Internet service with Service Level Agreements guaranteeing uptime, latency and packet delivery.

Ready for the Future

We deployed the most recent Internet protocol, IPv6 throughout our network, so it’s ready to meet tomorrow’s digital demands.

Ease Your Security Concerns and
Add Network Security Suite

Protect your network and keep critical company assets safe by combining our best-in-class security solutions, Cloud Firewall Service and DDoS Mitigation Service with proactive monitoring from our Security Operations Center team to your VPN Solutions and Direct Internet Access. Our security experts serve as an extension of your team. Find out more about Electric Lightwave’s Network Security Suite.

Boise State University Case Study | Electric Lightwave

“Electric Lightwave was a good fit to meet our Internet access requirements. We immediately noticed the number of network peering points had doubled with Electric Lightwave.”

– Brian MCDevitt, Assistant Director of Technology Operations, Boise State University


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