Your Custom Network Solution, No Limits
Electric Lightwave's Spectrum Custom Network Solution - Network Map


No two businesses are alike. So why settle for a network that doesn’t cater to your specific business requirements?

At Electric Lightwave, we understand that your network is the engine that powers your business. That’s why we offer Spectrum, a custom network solution that delivers capacity when you need it – minus the burden of owning and maintaining your own private fiber optical network.

Powered by Ciena 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and WaveLogic coherent optics, Spectrum from Electric Lightwave offers cost-effective flexibility along with the ability to instantly scale your network with multi-terabyte transport to meet unpredictable spikes in demand. You can rely on Electric Lightwave’s Spectrum services to satisfy demand and keep your business running at peak performance.


Custom Managed Services

The networking experts at Electric Lightwave collaborate with you to design, build and maintain the precise network configuration to fit your business. We work 24/7 to ensure network availability, track network performance, and provide real-time proactive notifications for all network and equipment under management.

Built to Scale

The ability to instantly scale your network is a critical requirement for today’s fast moving business landscape. We have invested heavily to create one of the fastest and most robust regional fiber networks, capable of scaling in increments of 100 Gbps to 1 or 2 TB.

Reduced TCO

Spectrum from Electric Lightwave allows you to virtually own your optical private network, without all the costs and hassles. By removing this load, you can reduce your initial capital outlay and invest in the strategic initiatives that will help maintain your competitive advantage.

Flexibility that Drives Performance

Today’s enterprises must be increasingly agile to rapidly respond to evolving market conditions. Compared to Dark Fiber or traditional Wavelength offerings, Spectrum’s flexible private networking solution gives you room to grow, without making a long-term commitment to outdated legacy technologies.

On-Demand Terabit Network Resources

 Electric Lightwave’s Spectrum lets you reserve bandwidth for future growth, so your network can automatically respond to unforeseen traffic spikes by adding incremental capacity, when you need it most.

Advanced Network Management Capabilities

With up to 88x100G of optical capacity reserved to support future growth, Spectrum’s advanced network management capabilities means that you don’t have to worry about what surprises the future might hold.

Diverse Long-Haul Fiber Routes

Leveraging Electric Lightwave’s diverse metropolitan and long-haul fiber footprint, Spectrum provides you with superior network redundancy. In the event of a disruptive event, you can rest assured that your network and applications will remain available and operational.

“Spectrum fulfills what many of today’s content providers and enterprises have been looking for – a custom network that can quickly respond to unforeseen, high-capacity bandwidth demand.”

– Jason Phipps, General Manager and VP of North America Sales, Ciena


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