Fully-Meshed, Layer 2 Ethernet Network


The cloud is transforming the enterprise and creating new requirements for your network to deliver more services to multiple locations. You need a secure, reliable network you can control. Electric Lightwave’s VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Solutions) provides you with a comprehensive, full-mesh Layer 2 network to connect all your locations through a single connection while giving you complete control of your routing and equipment. With VPLS you have end-to-end visibility across your wide area network so that all your locations appear as one local area network.

Connect a single or multiple locations and seamlessly converge voice, video and data – all on one Ethernet connection. Work with our team to custom build your network with flexible bandwidth options, multiple access methods and Quality of Service (QoS) technology to optimize and prioritize traffic for your critical services and applications. Ensure your network is ready for the future and leverage the strength of Electric Lightwave’s resilient architecture and advanced technologies.


Network Control

Maintain privacy and control of the Layer 3 routing of your network with this efficient Layer 2 solution.

Seamless Connectivity

Connect a single or multiple locations simply while converging voice, video and data traffic – all on one Ethernet connection.

Flexible Options

Build your private network with bandwidth options from 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps and choose from multiple access methods.

Effortless Expansion

Add new locations to your network easily without impacting service or traffic to existing locations.

Reliable Performance

Ensure your network performance and availability with our stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantees.


Use a single Ethernet connection to deliver multiple services and applications to a location.

Resilient Architecture

Leverage our reliable, secure network engineered with redundant routers (dual core and dual aggregation) for maximum uptime and standardized service delivery.

Enhancement Options

Choose additional enhancements to your network, including Cloud Connect Service, UC Cloud Voice, Dedicated Internet Access and our Network Security Suite.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Effectively optimize and manage bandwidth to meet your specific needs for critical business applications using QoS queues and profile options.


Meet fluctuating demand or unexpected spikes in network traffic with our Bandwidth on Demand options. You can easily increase up to 4x of your base service bandwidth immediately or as a future scheduled event, for a set period of time through our portal.

“Customer service is crucial and Electric Lightwave delivers.”

– Rod Adams, IT Director, EmpRes Healthcare


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