An intelligent network designed for tomorrow’s educators


Building a smarter classroom

Educators understand more than most the sustaining impact that technology can yield in the classroom. From guiding classroom discussions to facilitating testing, technology access represents an essential way forward for schools and universities. We recognize the unique obstacles that educators face when it comes to adopting and deploying new technologies to help achieve their mission.

Empowering K-12 Educators

K-12 institutions across the nation are all facing a common conundrum: how can they meet new standardized testing benchmarks which determines future funding while operating under shrinking budgets? A new class of technologies are helping educators improve all facets of their curriculum while ensuring a secure and safe environment for students.

We provide a foundation of connectivity that helps make these innovations a reality. We are also a participant in the federally-funded E-Rate program which provides eligible K-12 schools, districts, and libraries with authorized discounts for our products and services. Meaning you can invest in the future of your school’s infrastructure without worrying about your budget.


Driving Institutional Excellence for Higher education 

Colleges and universities have long recognized the transformational impact that technology can make on their campus and beyond. These advancements have enabled them to deliver innovations like webcasting educational content that help bridge the digital divide and building new online environments that foster collaboration. However these advancements are largely dependent on the capabilities of your network – can you meet the growing bandwidth demands of your data hungry students while protecting sensitive data from an evolving threat landscape?

Make Your Network Your Competitive Differentiator

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