Accelerate Your Mission

Always On, Always Secure.

We understand that government agencies are different. Between a constantly shifting regulatory landscape and navigating complex compliance requirements, there’s no shortage of challenges for federal agencies when it comes to providing the core portfolio of technology services that their staff requires to get their jobs done. We are here to help you securely deliver the critical network services you demand.


Empowering Federal Agencies to Focus on Their Mission.

Federal agencies and departments will always be under pressure to do more with less. Persistent budgetary constraints and mounting demand for government services have become the new normal, forcing federal agencies to identify the right technology partners so they can focus on delivering the greatest value to their staff, and ultimately, their constituents.

Federal agencies rely on us for:

  • Reliable and secure network access to applications and data.
  • Scalable Ethernet service that dynamically prioritizes network traffic to ensure high availability.
  • Cost effective integrated voice and data services for streamlining federal government network management.
  • Responsive 24 x 7 customer service focused on understanding your unique operational challenges.
  • Dedicated public sector service experts responding to complex proposals as part of the GSA IT Schedule 70 contract.

Driving Innovation at the State
and Local Level.

State and local government agencies are also under pressure to modernize their own systems and processes. However, many remain constrained by a legacy of hardware-based infrastructure and even tighter operating budgets. IT leaders at the state and local level recognize they must transition to a modern, more flexible architecture that will enable them to better adapt to an uncertain future.

We can help state and local government agencies leverage the latest technologies to cost-effectively streamline processes and deliver enhanced services to their constituents. Public sector agencies choose us for:

  • Cost-effective communication services for K-12 schools.
  • Easy to manage Cloud Firewall Service suited for protection of citizen data.
  • Expert 24 x 7 customer service.
  • Advanced network capabilities that exceed the bandwidth capabilities of larger carriers, but with greater flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Highly experienced Government solutions specialists who can help state and local governments do more with less.

Make Your Network Your Competitive Differentiator