Because lives depend on your network


A Responsive Network To Help You Deliver Quality Care

Secure, real-time access to patient information and collaboration is critical to patient care. We combine reliable infrastructure and high-bandwidth with the expertise that healthcare providers need to keep pace with technology.

Your Partner on the Path to Healthcare Modernization

Change is a constant in the healthcare industry with technology driving improvements in patient care and efficiencies across systems. Our healthcare solutions begin with a reliable, secure high-capacity network infrastructure that enables healthcare organizations secure, reliable access to critical data and information. Whether you have a large hospital complex or a cooperative of small medical clinics, we offer creative solutions able to evolve with the fast-paced healthcare industry.

  • Ensure reliable, secure access to patient records and critical information when you need it most.
  • Boost Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Electric Lightwave’s unique network infrastructure and diverse physical fiber routes.
  • Comply with changing regulatory requirements with our secure Data Networking service options.
  • Custom build a high-capacity infrastructure with the scalability to meet your bandwidth requirements into the future with the expertise of our veteran network specialist on your team.
  • Leverage Electric Lightwave’s dedicated, local team of healthcare-focused specialists for the expertise you need to meet changing Healthcare requirements.
  • Rely on 24 x 7 service from our Network Operations Center.

Enable Your Organization’s Digital Transformation.

Are you doing everything you can to reconfigure your IT systems in order to control costs, increase access and improve quality of care?

In this webinar, Digital Transformation for the Healthcare Market: Opportunities and Challenges for IT, Daniele Loffreda, Senior Advisor for Healthcare addresses key trends that are transforming today’s healthcare.

Let us show you how to leverage digital technologies for healthcare IT with a next-generation, high-capacity fiber network that will increase your access to care to better serve your patients.

Make Your Network Your Competitive Differentiator